It is essential that spiritual directors who accompany others through the 19th Annotation have completed the Spiritual Exercises themselves.


The School of Theology and Ministry offers a week-long Summer Intensive for spiritual directors seeking a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises in order to better accompany others through the Spiritual Exercises, particularly in the 19th Annotation format.

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Students concentrate on a specialized topic area within theology—Biblical Studies, Systematic and Historical Theology, Moral Theology, Church History or Spirituality Studies.

  • 24 credit hours (in addition to nine-credit thesis), half of credits taken in concentration

  • High school teaching Alumni work in mental health agencies, shelters, pastoral placements in parishes, campus ministry programs, prisons, and youth and young adult programs.

    , Parish ministry and religious education High school or university ministry Member Schools. Plan of Study. The STM holistically forms and educates its students, challenging them to develop their own theological voices and to cultivate new ministry skills and perspectives. The learning experience is integrated and therefore helps enrich my parish placement'. Business executives, educators, alums, pastors, ministers.


    This certificate enables persons who are personally or professionally interested in the study of Christian spirituality to delve into historical and contemporary Christian spiritual traditions, themes, and practices with an eye toward effective spiritual leadership today.

    , Parish ministry The Master of Pastoral Care enables students to apply an advanced body of knowledge and skill in pastoral care in relation to broader theological studies.