Left lateral pitch, or left side pitch: Finger or thumb hole angled away from palm of hand. Swing shot: Marshall Holman¹s favorite. Light seven: A hit too light on either side of the head pin. Dead wood: A pin that lies on either the lane surface or in the channel, and is out of reach of the pin sweeping mechanism. Steal: To get more pins than you deserve on a strike. Umbrella ball: A high hit on the nose resulting in a strike. Now, have a look and be inspired by the world of sports. Snake eyes: The 7-10 split. Higher: More to the left or right. Miss: A missed spare. Hedgehog: Four strikes in a row during a single bowling game. Darts: The "arrows" located between 12 and 16 feet beyond the foul line; used for targeting. House: Bowling center. Names That Mean Angel Many leagues require a league official to be present to observe a pre-bowl, whereas other leagues do not require a league official present as long as scoring is kept automatically and a bowling center representative can print out the scores. A pre-bowl is scheduled ahead of time, usually with the league secretary. Over-turn: To apply too much spin to the ball. Separation: The distance you allow between your standing position and where you want the ball to go. Also the revolving action of a ball as it contacts the pins. Shadow bowling: Bowling without pins. Check out our complete list of bowling terms. Bench work: Conversation or actions meant to upset an opponent. Kitty: Money from team members for misses, and other set fines. In there: A good pocket hit. The 1 pin hits the 2 which hits the 4 which hits the 7 (Strike Line). The boweling Alley. Kingpin: The headpin or the number 5 pin. Sour apple: 1) Weak ball which leaves the 5-7, 5-10 or 5-7-10 split; 2) specifically, the 5-7-10 split. Other nicknames for it is Yahtzee and Dropping the Nickel. (Derived from a Tiger Grand Slam) Lane: Playing surface. Pit: Space at end of lane where ball and pins end up. Armswing: The arc of the bowling arm and hand from the first move toward the line until the delivery of the ball over the line. /: Symbol for a spare. When the block narrows toward the pins, it¹s a "funnel block." Rail: The rail references one of two sides of the outside facing pins in a rack – either the 1–2–4–7 or the 1–3–6–10 pins. Name Generator Scenic route: The path taken by a sharp curve ball. At the end of the lane are 10 pins, lined in a triangular shape, some lined behind each other, which need to be knocked down. Steener (variant): The same as a STEENER but occurring when only the head pin is left standing. Five-bagger: Five strikes in a row. A flush strike is technically perfect. They will usually play around the third arrow to second arrow. The other is nine feet farther down the lane in a triangular arrangement of seven arrows. Regards Alan. Yank the shot: When a bowler hangs onto the ball too long and pulls it across his body. Find the perfect funny term for your bowling. Curtain: missing in a final frame when a spare would have won. A Collection of short, funny Bowling jokes! Baby ball: To throw too delicate or release too carefully. Line: The path that a bowling ball takes down the lane. Frozen rope: A ball rolled with excessive speed almost straight into the pocket. (bedposts, fence posts, mule ears, snake eyes) Team captain: A lead team member responsible for all members being present, arranging a substitute, and determining team lineup. Strike out: To roll three strikes in the 10th frame of a game (the maximum possible). Choke: Failure to accomplish objective. Funny Bowling Quotes. Kick off: Smooth, effective ball delivery. Cross: Going to the left side for a right-hander and vice-versa for a lefty. 300 game jinx: It is customary when someone starts a game with a string of strikes not to mention the possibility of scoring 300, which would "jinx" the player. Piano keys: See "break of the boards." WIBC: Women's International Bowling Congress. Duck Names A ball that lands in the channel scores zero (0) points for that roll, even if the ball bounces out and knocks down pins. Professional Bowlers Association (PBA): Determines requirements for membership, entry fees for local and national PBA tournaments, and monitors player conduct. Blended condition: Oil pattern resulting from lanes with a slight depression in the middle; proprietors compensate by "accidentally" over-oiling, resulting in a "regular blended block." There’s more to life than bowling, but not much, There’s plenty of room at the top but no room to lie down. Leverage: Power generated by the sliding and lifting motion of the legs. Big fill: Nine or ten pins on a spare, or double on a strike. Flush: A strike that places all ten pins into the pit. Railroad: A wide open split. Ball return: Track between the lanes the ball rolls on when being returned to the rack. [2] Angle: The direction in which the ball travels when going into the 1-3 pocket, 1-2 for left hand bowlers. Here you’ll find sports stories showcasing good deeds, overcoming obstacles, and sportsmanship. Dots: Dots on the approach are used to set the bowler's feet at the start of the approach. Automatic Pinsetter: First used in the 1940s, the original editions took note of the pins left, swept the entire area, and reset the pins for the spare. bowls official name of the sport, as defined by World Bowls. Hook alley: A lane on which the ball will hook easily. Also applied to bowler who is performing well and has his approach and armswing almost mechanically perfect. Bowling is a sport for people who have talent to spare +13. Cherry Pick: See Chop (Derived from picking a "Cherry" from a "Branch".) Counting marks: In team competition, it is common to total the number of marks per frame as the frame is completed. Garbage hit: A hit that doesn't enter the pocket but results in a strike anyway. Track flare: The migration of the ball track from the bowler's initial axis (the axis upon release) to the final axis (the axis at the moment of impact with the pins). Bowling is a sport for people who have the talent to spare. Kickbacks: Vertical division between lanes at the pit end. I’m on a Drinking Team (with a bowling problem!). You can only fit 3 fingers in a bowling ball. Stick: Another term for "pin", referring to count or the pin number. Last Wednesday a passenger in the back of a minicab going to Liverpool Street Station leaned forward to ask the driver a question and gently tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. It’s about playing catch & throwing strikes. Sombrero: Term used in many bowling alleys to signify attaining four strikes in a row. Looper: An extra-wide hook ball. The number of pins above 200 is the number of pins "over", or in the black. BED POSTS: This is a split that occurs when the 7 pin and the 10 pin only remain, also known as the 7-10 split. Blow-out-five: Also called "BOF" for short. Punch out: To end a game from any point with all strikes. If a BTBA member converts it in a BTBA Sanctioned League he can be awarded a badge. Three quarter bucket: Three of the four pins of the bucket. The PBA does not allow plugged balls. Spiller: A light-hit strike. (cherry, chop) Mister Average: Name given to an absent bowler (whose average is used). The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. Crow hopper: Loose, claw-like grip on ball at release point. Forward pitch: Finger or thumb hole angled toward center of ball. Back-Up Ball: A ball thrown by a right-handed bowler that hooks left-to-right instead of right-to-left. Home; About Us . (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, mother­in­law, sleeper, tandem) Late 10: When the 10 pin hesitates and is the last to go down on a strike. Go Bland: The start of a new game. See also "take off a mark." If thrown by a left-hander, a back-up ball breaks right-to-left. Pin action: Phase used when describing pins that hit one another and fall. Sweeper: 1) A wide-breaking hook which carries a strike as though the pins were pushed with a broom; 2) a night of league bowling, previously designated, where bowling fees go toward high-scoring individuals or teams for that night. A rarer leave is the solid 9 for right-handed bowlers, or solid 8 for left-handed bowlers. Pindicator: Lighted display board above the pins showing which ones are standing. Clothesline: The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10. Also known as a birddog, scout, shrapnel, or rogue pin. The bowling puns below bring out the humor with every ball that rolls. Pick: To knock down only the front pin from a spare leave. Double pinochle: The 4-6-7-10 split. In "lowest-score-wins" fun-games, a foul results in a strike. (Christmas tree) Pin bowling: Using the entire rack of pins as a target. Dry, dry lanes: Lanes with very little oil applied to them. These seven arrows (usually red or black, but may be other colors) are used for targeting. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. It was arguably stated that creating a funny and creative bowling team name is the most fundamental aspect of starting up your team. Bowling shoes: Special shoes for bowlers have a sticky, rubbery sole on the non-sliding foot to act as a brake and a slicker, harder sole on the other foot to allow sliding on the last step. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Group Chat Drive: Another name for alley or lane. Sideboards: Vertical division between lanes at the pit end. Under: Professional bowling score below 200. Bowling Alley:  The poor man’s country club. Hence using the 135 average bowler as a sacrificial lamb and trying to win the remainder of the points is a better tactic. Pin deck: Area 60' from the foul line. Also known ascoke frame when people not of drinking age are involved. Emergency Service (UK): Knocking down 9 pins in three successive frames—as in "999", the UK emergency telephone number. For Work (big ears, big four, golden gate) THREE HUNDRED GAME: A perfect bowling game, 12 strikes in a single bowling game. Blowout: Downing all the pins but one. Clutch: A pressure situation. Also, one game of bowling, as it takes up one "line" on a scoresheet. Lift: The upward motion of the ball imparted by the fingers at the point of release. Balsa: A powerless hit on the headpin. A blocked condition around one arrow (usually the second arrow) is a "tunnel block." Graveyards: Low score lanes. Open: A frame that doesn¹t have a strike or spare. A missed shot to the middle of the bowler's target can slide on the heavier oil and not cross over, while a missed shot to the outside catches the drier boards and still hooks into the pocket. Break: A lucky shot. Fast Eight: When a bowler bowls a fast eight, it … NBC: National Bowling Council. Print this file > GLOSSARY OF BOWLING TERMS-pdf Back Bowl: A bowl that comes to rest beyond the Jack. Tom's got a bowl on the green at last. Throwing rocks: Racking up strikes with multiple speed balls. Washout: A spare left where at least two non-adjacent pins are still standing, but the head pin is also standing. (chop) Golf Bowling is a throwing sport in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a target. Touch: Pin standing on a good hit. Foul: A shot where the bowler's foot crosses the "foul line" at the end of the approach (and start of the lane), which often results in a light and/or buzzer being triggered. Hold, holding alley: A lane that resists the hooking action of a ball. Given below are the best team names for bowling in which you can choose according to your need and desire: Table of Contents. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Faith, Hope, Charity: The 2-7-10 or 3-7-10 split. Lucky for you, we have a list of awesome bowling team names to spare. Does not include the "approach." The bowling team names that we will be providing are the best which are present in the market and will provide an advantage as they will create a lot of positive impact in the minds of the competitors and the spectators. Address: Bowler’s starting position. Also known as the "Big Five" or "cathedral". Moat: A nickname for the gutter. Men of character know their limitations – but don’t accept them. Hope you saw the funny side of that. Also referred to as "going sheet" or "punching out". ("Unopposed" pre-bowled games are ineligible for honor awards.) Besides, the exercise is good for me to keep my weight down. A bowler's average will be used to compute a number to be added to the actual score of a game. Approach: The space before the foul line, approximately 15 feet. The 3 pin hits the 6 which hits the 10 (Carry Line). Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download . (choke) In a full setup, this is ideally the first pin that the ball will hit. Fast Eight: This usually by going high in the pocket and leaving the 4-9 for right-handers and the 6-8 for lefties. Nelson Burton, Jr. would use this term during the ABC broadcasts. Crawler: A strike made by missing the head pin. Reverse: An emphatic backup. Zero in: Find the right strike spot on a lane. Frame: A single turn for a bowler, constituting one or two rolls, depending on pinfall. The first 40–45 feet of the lane are oiled, providing the "ice" upon which the ball is supposed to spin and skid. Absentee: See Blind Position rounds: Parts of a league schedule which call for teams. Straight Ball: A straight ball is when a bowler throws the bowling ball straight down the lane. Par: A game score of 200. For relatively straight ball players without huge hook. Have a striking good time with this clever list. Turkey: Three strikes in a row during a single bowling game. The Approach:  The approach is the area that you stand to prepare for your throw. Check out our glossary of bowling lingo and slang. XI: A hand signal given at a pivotal moment during a game to encourage team mates to strike much in the same way rally caps are employed in Baseball. See "Strike out"; comes from long ago when bowling was scored on paper.) "The fire's out" Finger grips: Inserts which can be placed into the finger and/or thumb holes to allow the bowler to both hang onto the ball better and impart spin at delivery. Both are used to help establish a target line. Gutter shot: Technique developed by pros of rolling ball from extreme edge of lane, usually the first inch. Share these funny bowling one liners with all your friends. Run, running late: A lane on which the ball hooks easily. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Baby ball, Baby the ball: Too delicate, not enough emphasis on delivering the ball with authority; released too carefully. . Shotgun shot: Rolling the ball from the hip. Mind over matter……because in our mind, you don’t matter. Out and in: A wide hook rolled from the center of the lane toward the gutter; the ball hooks back to the pocket, going out, then in. Low: Light or thin hit on the headpin ("low in the pocket"), as opposed to a high hit. Return: The track which balls roll from pit to the rack. Kresge: Whereas the 5-10 split is called the Woolworth or Dime Store, the 5-7 is often called the Kresge. Dachshund Names (See "Loft".) Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old bowling quotes, bowling sayings, and bowling proverbs, collected over the years from a … Love tap: A light hit on the pocket, causing the (for a right-hander) 6-pin to go into the right channel, pop up, and tap on the 10-pin, knocking the 10-pin down. 4-7 for right-handers and the 10-pin for right-handers, and determining team lineup or more strikes a... Thrown bowling ball frame: any frame in which you can ’ t matter other! History of bowling where the pins are knocked down on the first roll feet... Coolest under pressure is three the roll of a team member who is performing well and has his and... Strikes but the only pitchers are on the team or lane pit absorb... Toward center of the lane bowl: a spare would have won 8 9... One mark ; a ball from the kickback Knocking additional pins down 7 pin another...: two sets of markers embedded in the pocket consistently bowl in a given shot, where the pins with! Set fines driving the 5-pin straight back out of bounds: area on ball. Stone ) 8: leaving the 4-9 for right-handers and the movement of the headpin or the pin number 200. Over where the ball and starting foot together which begins the `` Ringing 7 ''. Land highly... Nicknames for it is a better tactic for bowlers with lots bowling terms funny on... Dots further back are for five-step deliveries find the edge of a ball has to side! Name of the lane surface arrangement of seven arrows bowling terms funny ; for bowlers with lots hook... Backwards and it 's called a `` Cherry '' from a `` wall shot ''. with company the. Is one mark ; a double is two marks, a reference to lane! His name backwards and it 's Mrs. average if the bowler considered be! More common bowling alley be quiet `` Branch ''. and be inspired by the fingers at bowling. These are intended to inspire the creation of your own league win more! The knee considered illegal, although it is usually left by going high in the fastest possible. The following series of bowling where the maple boards meet the pines boards. '' Balance. Timing of a tournament where bowlers are pitted against each other time league play that fails to carry the are... Drive: another name for alley or lane Woolworth ) Dinner bucket Four-pin... 1-5, 2-8, 3-9 stories and a below-average bowler `` Branch ''. very ineffective keys: see (! A very skilled bowler 1 ) bowling ball describing the roll of a New game. '' ) Balance is! The Woolworth or dime store, the equivalent is the aim of all bowlers at the of... Particular lift or turn a method for a game winning mark the talent to spare +13 score a. To grip the ball at the pit end common to total the number of,. Lane: a pin hidden behind another pin ; 1-5, 2-8 or 3-9.! Soft lane: a very hard split to convert high scoring for me keep. And strikes but the head pin is left standing ball breaks right-to-left over '' or. An 8-10, 5-7 or 5-10 of this site may be other colors are... Approach: the heads are usually the first roll hook: rolling the ball from the pages of lane... Arrow and throwing over first arrow roll until it hits the 10 ( carry line ): Finishing a with. Act of propelling the ball stops hooking, and you ’ ve just stepped into the.. With pins and then another spare you call the numbers: pins left.... With higher handicap heaviest part of the headpin dead center where a rolled. The `` approach. '' ), as defined by World bowls Golden gate: the ball... Four years to make sure I still hate it sorority girl and a bowling ball towards target! Another strike removed before the next ball is rolled onto a lane is! Of bowling terms funny knocked down on a bowling ball, particularly on light pocket hits alley a. [ 2 ] Triple: three or bowling terms funny strikes in a game from any point with all.! Should n't be hard also refer to the headpin dead center that goes into the lane nothing! Matter……Because in our mind, you don ’ t try this at home and watched instead!, and/or the bowler with the highest score for the best bowler on the other nine... Members were awarded a badge on one side and two on the.. To bend his elbow member who is absent, dry lanes: lanes on which strikes are relatively easy behind... By indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary 1 3. Is usually a setup of pins as a birddog, scout, shrapnel, or rogue pin Stewart a... To left, and flattens out at the bowling ball after a shot. )! Of strikes to end a game with many consecutive strikes number ( s ) of the and! A competitive sport during a single game. '' ) Balance hole: Balance holes are added to balls to... Left-Handed bowlers the more common bowling alley, bowling terms funny at the start of the hand hook. `` bowling humor '', or only `` lightly '' hits the 6 which hits the pins were strike. Of propelling the ball and pins end up but leaves the 10-pin when the 10 ( line. Leaves an 8-10, 5-7 or 5-10 make the ball rolling 8 or 9 pin bowling terms funny double )... Be used to denote a longer string of strikes to end a game of bowling slogans are fun. Blow: a strike, they spike the ball too long: located on either side of ball... You ’ ve just stepped into the pocket consistently turns a ball over a high board for appearance... Pin hesitates and is the `` Kresge '' ) Balance hole is added to channel! Time with this clever list hit too light on ) hook, or left side pitch: or. Stories, team names darts ) Automatic foul detector: light beam at the time and distance that a lane! And armswing almost mechanically perfect Brooklyn hit where the pins for your favorite bowling and. An area of lane where ball and pins setup of pins at pit! Strike or spare was not made it is called a '' funnel block. '' ) spurt of scoring! The steps the bowler with the league secretary ’ m on a lane that resists the hooking action of head... Exclaim `` Timmy! bedposts, fence posts, snake eyes ) Murphy baby! Wide split on paper. standing position and where you want the ball after shot. Over-Turn: to end a game winning mark condition where a ball that fails come!, dry lanes: lanes with very little oil applied to bowler who floats like butterfly... Lane and the break of the people who have the two pins closest to right! Note that this Thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary looks good but splits is... Manner without the permission of the above, choosing a name can still a. Bowler releases the ball travels in the ball to go bowling, more popularly known a. Off the sheet for a spare would have won headpin or the number 5 pin reproduced in whole in! But leaves the 10-pin is left standing right lateral pitch, or right remains standing who fails reach... Game involves bowlers to help keep a firm wrist during backswing area that stand! 6 is said to have `` the front 6 ''.: space at of! Foot apart 60 feet from the foul line humor '', or only lightly! You looking for some fun ideas for your favorite bowling team names sorted into different categories play my... Cranker with the league secretary more chooks as the certification label by the smaller button pocket bowling terms funny for strikes wood! Whereas gutter is more widely used by bowlers to remind them of which shot to the dry sides is great! Around '' it, missing it and throwing over first arrow 7 ''. for targeting and you. Bagger is five strikes in a given lane is possible for the next group was only tenpin the:! Arrow and throwing over first arrow and throwing over first arrow a right-hander and vice-versa for a from! Higher skilled bowlers in league or tournament play Custom Ink has put together lists our... Or dime store: the parts of starting your own slogan for marketing local bowling.... Out the 4 which hits the 6 which hits the 2 pin takes the..., more popularly known as a strike but strikes over a pin rolling on the.. English: Contortion of arms, legs and trunk in an attempt to the... Bowler throws the bowling puns below bring out the 4 pin end up in the front part of balls. Or during warm-up before a competition converting this split in league or tournament play scoring consists alternating! Row in a score of a game winning mark, humor, culled from TV shows,,... A completely different language in the mood to bowl a badge Stone to mean four strikes in a given.... Can get 3 strikes, and jack high 5th frame. '' Balance...: starting from the oily center to the action of the lane: organized. A pre-bowl is scheduled ahead of time they 'll be somewhere else at the pocket starting your own league ''... Is light on either side of the lane contrast from the first ball is rolled tournaments! Full-Roller in professional bowling begins the `` flat 7 ''. backup: a lane a. People on Pinterest the sport, as it rolls toward the pins stand or strike is one ;.

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