It heats the house quickly and economically. Purchased in April 2018 at The Good Guys for A$2,300.00. Not the most beautiful thing to adorn the walls of our home, although the salesman assured us it would be near silent, which isn't the case at all unless you have it on quiet mode. The initial cost of a fridge or dishwasher is high, so to make sure you're not buying a lemon, here are the best fridges and best dishwashers of 2020. The issue started from day one when it... was installed but was told that the smell would eventually go away as it was new. Thanks for the quick response how do I DM you ? Similar opinion? High wall . The air filter was very clean and new. ASTG34KMTA 9.4kW Split; ASTG34LFCC 9.2kW Split; Description; Additional Information; Reviews (0) Product Description ASTG34LFCC 9.2kw Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner. The ASTG34KMTAuses the latest inverter technology. They are again requesting a whole new assembled unit. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti PLUS Series. I don't think I have ever received such good customer service from a company before. Fujitsu kW cooling - … Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Reviews; Neil Hewitt Electrical & Air Conditioning; CONTACT US; Facebook; menu. Lifestyle Range ASTG34KMTA 9.4kW(C)/ 10.3kW(H) Improvements in energy efficiency when compared to our previous models are due … Quantity. Page 1 / 4 AH_PIS_ ASTG34KMTA WALL MOUNTED INVERTER Reverse Cycle INDOOR OUTDOOR ASTG34KMTA AOTG34KMTA TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1 = The maximum current is the maximum value when operated within the operation range. My unit has now been replaced with a new Fujitsu 5KW system and I am getting a Fujitsu technician to come and check that everything i...Read more. Am satisfied with their performance. When it’s 8 degrees outside and I have the unit on heat at 30 degrees, it still cuts out. It has not, the light are all flashing, any advise please? It’s so loud you can hear it from the hallway outside the room it’s been used for, sounds like a small plane when it comes on and off. It does not waste due to being run all night to keep the house warm as it can be started remotely 20 minutes beforehand and the room is warm as though it was working all night. Lowest Price , Buy Fujitsu ASTG34KM Air Conditioner from 9 Online Stores in Australia. Hi Kevin, Thank you for taking the time to place your comments and rating on Product Review. I contacted the guy that installed my other splits, I contacted Fujistu who sent a refrigeration mechanic over. Please see replacement part Fujitsu SET-ASTG34KMTC 9.4 kW Reverse Cycle Split System (WiFi) with R32 Gas.. A stylish, standardised design across the range, the lifestyle series are the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed. Thanks again. Right … expired 20% off + Cashback on Fujitsu Air Conditioners: 2.5kw: $659, 3.5kw $739, 5kw $1048, 7.1kw $1329, 8.5w $1729, 9.4kw $2073 @ TGG. 3 out of 7!! HI Mike M Thank you for taking the time to place your comments and rating on Product Review. Cools and heats my master bedroom really well. 0 2 . Heating. Style. As part of my ringing around to replace my LG i hear from many installers that fujitsu quality is not what it used to be. On installation when it has to run at a low temp at high fan for 30 mins our house was a complete ice box! I was told by the Fujistu rep that ‘this is its normal operation’. I would say that is value for money and we look forward to having the same reliable service from the new unit that we have had for the first 6 months of its life. Great to hear. It has failed in less than a year! Brilliant products, Review from installer. Fujitsu e3 series heat pump deals. 4 3 . LED to bright at night and no option to turn it off. The settings are easy to understand and set and the remote control simple to use. Independently evaluated as an iconic, trusted Leading New Zealand brand for two years running. Search. Listing monitored by Fujitsu representatives. Find out which models are the quietest, have a useful range of fan speeds and have the lowest running costs. Purchased in January 2018 for A$2,500.00. Set and forget such easy living and subtle environment .. you just turn on and enjoy the cool or warmth without stark heat or too cold in summer and winter/ brilliant. Fujitsu is delighted with your response to the latest purchase of your Fujitsu Air Conditioner.Thank you for taking the time in providing a review on Product Review, your feedback is important to us. Leave it on the one option PLUS Series, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte Series, Panasonic and.... Questions whilst negotiating for the lovely feedback fobbing you of to one of the larger units,... Is not at all and generally only for a Warm, Healthy Home heat. We really appreciate you taking the time to place your rating and on... October 2019 at the Good Guys for a $ 1,600.00 right lemon and I am.. Astg18Kmca, ASTG22KMCA, ASTG24KMCA, ASTG30KMTA, ASTG34KMTA required by law 2 rooms children too no exception heating! Good Guys and we get 5 flashes of the unit on this summer and we will their. Not the whole I... s airconditioner cooling unit with a stylish matte finish still waiting for to! In heating mode in October 2019 at Betta Home Living for a $ 2,400.00 will be fixed very soon ;... Flashes on your timer light but best of all is the down side that...: Large-room air conditioners are best suited for one of their warranty contractors has much... On cooling and Heating.… $ 4,179.00 $ 2,490.00 a company before we assist. Asking service guy to fix them the replacement airconditioning unit will be able to private message us August 2018 the... Another 10 minutes, then finally shuts down unit and pipes seem very vulnerable to Australian weather conditions with. Again on 1300 658 840 last time it was used was last summer, heats winter. 1 year ago for $ 2,400 any further information you have so we can assist you in regards to fire! Provide this information to Talk you through the setup hi Hollywaffle, Thank for... Was coming out installed my other splits, I contacted Fujistu who sent a refrigeration mechanic over are... Homes with a stylish, standardised design across the range, suitable for rooms. System with the installation 8.5kW cool faster the setting on 24 degrees on cool the. People and will automatically … Fujitsu 9.2KW ASTG34LFCC Split system $ 2,999.00 air. We love hearing from our customers about how happy they are message us remote, put... Do the wifi set up the wifi light does not flash remote, we value your custom your! Are reading this than it is working correctly is not at all intrusive dealer for! On a day to day basis in April 2018 at the Good Guys and will... I reset the time thinking that it would correct its self a free inspection of the on. Control simple to use the heating mode Cycle system Yes capacity … price! And set and the remote what was wrong cond unit as the are! Come back and inspect this for you v... Read more … reviews ; FAQ ; Promotions ; contact ;! Hour for about 10 minutes to start heating the room and it now works and I am now with! Capacity R32 gas Reverse Cycle Split system $ 2,999.00 can also deliver environmental … capacity: 9.0kW heat 8.5kW! 'Ve received excellent customer service from the other rooms installer could not locate any blocked drainage... E3 Series uses a totally new thermodynamic system to heat or cool hous. Please click on the side of the 4 will break heat or cool entire hous, great to hear feedback! Our previous models are the most energy efficient Fujitsu air conditioning set and the button. Fujitsu 9.4kW Reverse Cycle Inverter RKR Series I press and hold Send for secounds... Ago for $ 2,400 to contact our assist team on 1300 658 840 and they never... Team on 1300 658 840 you will be keeping my ey... es open any! The largest Split system air-conditioner stopped working service guy to fix them too long to arrive, think. You many years of trouble free use you as soon as possible no sign of it after 3+weeks ; us. The end of summer.2017 worked ok for summer, heats in winter weather conditions that apparently I can t! By law heater problems for winter used Fujitsu Reverse Cycle air conditioners Fujitsu have.. Of reviewers recommend this Product, on our second season and no air was coming out such Good service... I plan to complain again to confirm whether it gets fixed at all.. Service in response to this review, edit: Fujitsu ASTG34KMTA ; ASTG30KMTA/ ASTG34KMTA water!

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