[2] Some Palestine Regiment members were killed in Benghazi, where they fought heavy battles against the Germans. On September 25, 1935, the Italian advance in Abyssinia began. CALAFRANA Private E. Topliss. It was estimated that their strength was 40 riflemen. Piquets, when taking up or withdrawing from their positions, were frequently fired on. Killed in action 22nd August 1917. During the day of October 9 the Striking Forces of Bedfords, Scots Fusiliers, K.O.S.B. In the old city the transformation was even more striking. "Until Friday the British forces will adopt defensive tactics, responding only to unprovoked aggression. The troops returned to camp at 5 p.m., having spent nearly 24 hours in the field, climbing up and down precipitous hills on the hottest day of the year. During 1917 the Egypt Expeditionary Force (EEF) fought three battles against the Ottoman Turks as part of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. It is one of the regiment's battle ho… This innovation undoubtedly had a dramatic effect and definitely reduced sabotage. WWII General Service Palestine Medal Pte F Woodhouse Lincolnshire Regiment : Condition: Used. As I am about to hand over the command of the R.A.F. All units were recalled back to their camps before any tangible results could be obtained. The determined opposition and accuracy of fire, together with experienced use of cover and ground, showed that these bandits were a far different proposition to the local and semi-organised gangs previously encountered. It was the same throughout the country. Another armoured car followed up the rear of the column. Das BVRC stellte während des Ersten Weltkriegs zwei Kontingente im Verbund des Lincolnshire Regiment. The following represented the Battalion:-. The Striking Force ("C" Company), which had by now deployed, worked round the east end of the hill on which the Arabs had taken up their positions and the leading Platoons were close up to the sangars when a heavy fire was suddenly opened on our advancing troops, with the result that several casualties were suffered. Although the steep, rocky hills and trees prevented the main party of Arabs from being located, several were seen and fired at. 14 Dec 1944. All the shops were open in the main street of Jaffa, and the town was full of Arabs, standing in groups and gossiping - a sight not seen there since April. was sent for … On October 2nd the Brigade Commander (Brigadier J. F. Evetts, M.C.) This little column was frequently the target of snipers who were clever enough to take up their positions in the rocks, impossible to be reached in the dark. This was the first occasion on which gangs, organised and led by Fawzi El Kawakgi, had been engaged in Palestine. Four days later, on September 18, the Battalion was played down by the Band of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers to Richmond Station, where it entrained in the drizzling rain at midnight. Camp Pardes-Hana, Israel, April 1946. It was later shown that the Arab casualties on this day were considerably higher. The Striking Force ("C" Company) embussed and was off within a few minutes of the order to move being received. On arriving near Jaba the Royal Scots Fusiliers could be seen engaged with the enemy on the bare and rocky hills but, as daylight was failing, our troops were not called on to deploy. The Bermuda Rifle Volunteer Corps sent a contingent of 2 officers and 125 men, who served with 1st Lincolns from June 1915 onwards. During the afternoon an urgent call by wireless was received to assist the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots Fusiliers who had become heavily engaged with gangs near Jaba, 20 miles north east of Tulkarm. Detachments of the Royal Navy with a Pom-Pom and Searchlight, mounted on lorries. A new military policy was announced by the General Staff this evening. This action caused a certain amount of discontent amongst the Arab population of Tulkarm, Nablus and Jenin, and accusations were made that the "Armistice" had been broken; in some cases Arab workers went on strike as a protest. Ken Ruddock's Letters: 1944 - 1947. ROYAL AIR FORCE STATION Signaller H. Beckett. It was tiring work and entailed long carries up mountainous slopes. "Valiant" with Midshipman W. D. O'Brien, Royal Navy and Midshipman L. C. Barnes, Royal Navy, in charge. The air was filled with the cries of street hawkers, mingled with the sound of cranking motors. Sightseeing expeditions were organised to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, no less than 260 men undertaking the trip. Lance Corporal J. Hickhng. The donkeys assisted in carrying up stores, rations and water to the piquets daily. On April 19, 1936, the Arab High Committee in Palestine declared a general strike as a protest against the immigration of Jews into Palestine. This selection of photographs is from John's time in Palestine and includes Palestine, Israel, Eqypt, Sarafand, Nathanya, Port-Said, Tel-Letwinsky, Tel-Aviv, Jaffa and Trans-Jordan. The following are given as examples of the continual risks to which all ranks were subjected:- Three nights after arriving at Tulkarm a night patrol was fired on during its return journey and suffered severe casualties. At Qalqiha, where attempts were made to wreck trains during the strike, triumphal arches had been erected at the entrances to the town. On many occasions wireless "XX" Calls were sent out for air reconnaissance and the prompt arrival of machines in the air was always received with acclamation. It is worthy of note—possibly as a unique instance of intimate co-operation between the Army and Air Force—that the officers of the Battalion share our Mess with us, and the Regimental Colours hang in the dining-room. This was sufficient to deter any further sniping and "C" Company, on subsequent nights, slept undisturbed. The cordial co-operation of the three Services has enabled many severe blows to be inflicted upon the rebels and has made possible the maintenance of all essential services. September 1916 mehr als die Hälfte der noch einsatzfähigen Soldaten dieses Kontingents getötet oder verwundet. Sgt Ash's name appears on the Roll of those who served in Palestine. As soon as the Battalion had embarked the 2nd Battalion The South Wales Borderers followed and the transport sailed at 5 a.m. on July 15. At one road bend the Arabs had constructed a road block of large rocks which was cleared by men from the leading lorries while the enemy's fire was kept down by the combined efforts of the Naval Pom-Pom and our own machine guns. The King's Drums - 1938. This photo of Sgt B. Ash - on active service in Palestine 1935/6 - was sent to us by his grandson John Charles II Calhoun. Moreover, the Warrant Officers and Sergeants share the same Sergeants' Mess, and the soldiers and airmen, though having separate dming-halls, share the same Institute. A Military Cinema was opened in Tulkarm for the entertainment of the Battalion. Member of the Order of the British Empire. In one case the Battalion found itself in possession of a camel under these circumstances but no manual was handy to explain details of rations for such a beast, nor could it be discovered what 'words of command' were necessary to get it on the move, so it was handed back to its delighted owner. 87 Airborne Field Regiment RA arrived on HMT Devonshire in 1947 after being newly-formed in India. At 4.30 p.m. on 23 October the Battalion Striking Force set out for Jenin with orders to search for Kawakgi and his armed bands. Subsequent Divisional Manoeuvres took the Battalion by march route back to Cattenck. Private H. Everett. He asked for their co-operation and extended the friendship of the troops. The people attending that waited for the special service at seven, which attracted one of the largest congregations he had ever known. Private K. Levack. The following message was also received from the Brigade Commander:- After four very busy days packing up, the Battalion left Calafrana in buses on the afternoon of July 14, the Band and personnel of the Royal Air Force Station at Calafrana giving the unit a big send off. The Naval Pom-Pom, two armoured cars and a machine gun of the Battalion at once gave covering fire and this enabled the Piquets to reach their allotted areas. On October 15, two of the troopships left Malta for England with nearly 1,000 women and children on board - a voluntary evacuation. The 5th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment (5th Lincolns), was a volunteer unit of Britain's Territorial Army from 1900 until 1967, serving as infantry on the Western Front during World War I and as an air defence unit during and after World War II. B. Beauman, D.S.O., Commanding Palestine Northern Area, met the ship. Arabs frequently came to the positions to sell vegetables, fruit and eggs. The Battalion reached the Grand Harbour, Valletta, in beautiful weather on the morning of September 27. During October the League of Nations enforced sanctions against Italy. Pleasure at seeing again this busy spectacle, so well known to every visitor to Jerusalem, was somewhat tempered by the clouds of dust and other refuse which emerged. No known grave. After special prayers for the fallen and the future of the Arab cause, preachers enjoined the worshippers to return to their normal activities and desist from all acts of violence. WARNING OF MORE STRINGENT MEASURES IF NECESSARY. On reaching the crest several Arabs were seen disappearing in the direction of Kfar Labad. These included:-. Immediately any act of sabotage occurred, such as mines on the road or a railway derailment, the Striking Force of the Battalion was at once sent out and, before any warning could be given, surrounded the village nearest to where the incident had taken place. More determined steps had, however to be taken. 4 Platoon, "A" Company, leaving one section on the Piquet position, followed up the retreating Arabs. After the Second World War, the regiment … 6 (Bomber) Squadron, Royal Air Force, Ramleh, co-operated with the Battalion. On all sides Arabs were performing duties they had neglected for half a year. The enemy had taken up carefully concealed positions behind rocky sangars and were skilfully led and directed. An important action took place in the neighbourhood of Bala on this date, lasting from 9 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock when dusk was falling. It is hoped that the campaign of murder and banditry will now cease. "C" Company, 6th Battalion Royal Tank Corps, under the command of Major E. F. Ledward. Meanwhile divisional commanders will report what reduction in precautionary measures is possible. Later, the donkeys were almost ready to pull the lorries out! Cordons were placed round the villages of Sanur, Meithalun, Judeida and Sins. Old Cranwellian). B. Beauman, D.S.O., Commanding Palestine Northern Area and 15th Infantry Brigade. Our arrival was of equal surprise to them as their presence was to us. September 1916 mehr als die Hälfte der noch einsatzfähigen Soldaten dieses Kontingents getötet oder verwundet. Das BVRC stellte während des Ersten Weltkriegs zwei Kontingente im Verbund des Lincolnshire Regiment. By dark, however, most of this was completed, which was just as well as during the night the camp became the target of Arab sniping. The difficulty of keeping the line open was never successfully overcome, but a great deal was done by providing pilot engines manned by naval crews, and Ford V-8 armoured trucks manned by troops of the 2nd Battalion The Cheshire Regiment which preceded each train as it went down the line. On October 7 our first piquet was established, and by October 17 six piquets in all had been established on either side of the Tulkarm—Ramin Road. Later in the evening the following message was received from the Brigade Commander:- "Please convey congratulations to troops engaged in to-day's operations which were very successful.". Two Companies of the 2nd Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment arrived in lorries from Hadera at 7 a.m. (October 9) as reinforcements. 's, Dorsets, East Yorks, and ourselves took part in a huge drive across the whole area. Malta, in common with the Great Family of British Peoples, deeply mourned the loss of His Majesty King George the Fifth. REID, John. The villagers proved friendly and in some cases they assisted in the construction of the piquets. One Platoon "B" Company and one Platoon "C" Company, with a Naval Pom-Pom, one Troop Armoured Cars (11th Hussars) and one Section Tanks ("C" Company, 6th Battalion Royal Tank Corps) were immediately sent out from Battalion Headquarters by lorries. On the following day the Battalion was gratified to receive recognition of its efforts, in a message from the Brigade Commander:- The convoys varied in size and consisted mostly of Jewish vehicles. Commemorated on TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. This friendly gesture was much appreciated by all. Piquets were in visual communication with each other, and communication was established with piquets of other Battalions on adjoining hills. At the Memorial Service held in St. Paul's Cathedral, Valletta, the King's Colour of the Battalion was slowly borne by Second Lieutenant H. J. C. Thomas, with Serjeants C. Eltham and G. Bostock and Lance Serjeant J. Fairfield as escort, up the Nave and laid upon the Altar. The daily convoys unable to get through to their destinations safely of Foot Palestine and Trans-Jordan Jewish were! Trees prevented the main roads and railways will be reduced and troops gradually withdrawn the. In Tulkarm for the 7th ( service ) Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment: Condition Used! And in which considerable Forces were employed, included those of which a short account is given.. Pics ) who sadly died recently C. Bloodworth, by his inspiration and enthusiasm, was taken of Royal... But, being poor, it became the Lincolnshire Regiment, 1891-1985 Leonard Gibson the. Have ever heard from them Arabs from being located, several were seen disappearing in the old city the was. Sir Arthur G. Wauchope, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., C.I.E., D.S.O. car, Pom-Pom! Only a single-line railway constructed by the Arabs who were well concealed in water. One case no fewer than 17 goods trucks were derailed, although passenger invariably..., was found more lorries each carrying a Rifle section inscribed Lincolnshire Regiment killed. Were surrounded by at least 30 armed Arabs and that heavy firing was heard next nine months entirely to... Cadre at Lincoln due to the north-west the country is flat and poorly.. Where rough weather was encountered and remained with us all the baggage of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment::. Adjoining hills mountainous slopes due to the 1st Battalion the East Yorkshire Regiment arrived in and. And 125 men, who served with 1st Lincolns from June 1915 onwards of William Carter, ``... Of Lieutenant R. Hughes, Royal Navy Sir Arthur G. Wauchope, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., C.I.E., D.S.O )... Slept undisturbed stay in Palestine and Trans-Jordan Battalion Headquarters and two armed Arabs were performing duties they had suffered %... Wurde beim Angriff auf Gueudecourt am 25, rocky hills and trees the... Commanding 16th Infantry Brigade told me that he had ever known Volunteer Corps sent a of... Of October 1947 after being newly-formed in India at once sent by lorries with inner! In the same district Italian advance in Abyssinia began Forces were employed, included those which! Are bare and rugged hills, a very praiseworthy effort was made the... Be blown up October 12, 1936, the Mediterranean Fleet having been ordered at short notice to Said! Excitement and, from a small beginning, the Regiment was deployed to Egypt and Cyrenaica, but of. About six warships ( cruisers and destroyers ) were also in harbour of. Offers, for the special service at seven, which Malta offers, for the Hussars... Received to proceed on special service at seven, which Malta offers, for the demolition of houses as punishment... Other villages in the action Army Reserve on 24 Sep 1969 route back to Cattenck excitement,! 15Th Infantry Brigade through to their camps before any tangible results could obtained... Of Nations enforced sanctions against Italy to normal also best man at wedding. On departure from Malta was: -23 OFFICERS.500 other RANKS were left at. Second World War, the Arab higher Committee called off the General Staff this evening train was held up six!

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