Here a narrative is constructed that collapses history and that reconstructs the post-war, Although this article focused on one programme in one, This article examines the origins and evolution of the idea of an employer mandate and labor's entanglements with the institutions of the private, Professionals worked in the public interest, while individuals in receipt of the benefits of the, This can in part be explained by the heterogeneity of, It maintained its commitment to full employment and a high spending, Beginning in the late 1970s, policy-makers began to rethink, The authors effectively destroy myths from both the left and right about the crisis of the, He asserts that it is therefore more beneficial to focus upon what a, From this viewpoint, the development of a strong, There is widespread support for the proposition that reduced, If it is occurring, substitution has obvious implications, political and otherwise, even in a, After large-scale amalgamation reforms in all three countries in the post-war period, local governments have become the implementing agencies of the, It is quite clear, therefore, that the administrative - if not political - acceptance of the, It conveys an image of an already transformed society that requires significant reform - or modernisation - of the, Consider its application when appraising policy to increase, Institutions of civil society, including trade unions, churches and voluntary associations, were also intimately involved in the development of the administration of the, How do unions influence political decisions about the, It is not just the beneficiaries and the bureaucrats who administer the programmes who have a vested interest in the, Furthermore, a governance perspective has the potential to tell us something about, The end of the millennium would witness the twilight of the social model and its institutional manifestation, the, In general, we can say that with the expansion of the social democratic, The internal logic of existing commitments continues to drive, Among ordinary people, a thicker cultural brew may be needed to sustain social solidarity and welcome newcomers into a democratic, According to her reasoning, these cultural differences can be used to substantiate the fact that different types of, The analysis we have presented in the previous pages makes it necessary to control for the degree of, It appears, therefore, that neither urbanisation nor, The latter refers to the issue usually privileged in, However, polarisation was not substantial and the attitudes of the well-off were still quite positive towards the, Indeed, it is often claimed that this period saw the transformation of a number of disparate, limited social measures into a universal, Transport has had a clear impact upon the, Targeting local government for spending cutbacks is an ineffective means of addressing the problem of rising costs associated with the advanced, However, this is only one dimension of the, I think this experience was an important source of my interest in social issues, and my subsequent extensive writings about the, It consisted of an attempt to utilize a nationalist ideology by combining the basic principles of the, Some versions of this perspective also stress the destructive role of, Quite rightly, she sees ' the family ' as a principal battle ground for competing visions of the, In comparative perspective, the institutional environment of public finance will affect the role of local government in a process of, Table 1 presents selected characteristics of the, The filial responsibility score was included in the regressions of, Expressed ' preferences for long-term care ' and ', Up until 1945, the optional referendum represented an efficient veto point for groups opposing the, Traditional macrotheories regarding the determinants of the, The pensioners' organisations that emerged as the, With the rise of the new institutionalism, institutional fragmentation has become much discussed as a causal factor behind, The awful irony of these kinds of community initiatives is that they are often co-opted as a justification for the dismantling of the, The contested nature of contemporary welfare analysis has, not surprisingly, had a strong impact on historical interpretation of, But there are still huge differences among national policies, embodied for example in diverging, If these inferences from theory are correct, then we would expect that family solidarity should not decline in response to a growing, Government-sponsored health insurance is a central pillar of the modern, Traditional differences are however only part of the story, for in all countries there is advocacy for more, He finds fault with existing interpretations of, But the challenges of the 1960s rarely threatened the social institutions established by the, This period also saw the establishment of a relatively embracing, The other three countries tend to favour an equal split between the two, or a family dominance supported by the, On the contrary, the political economy perspective emphasises the stratification of interests fixed in, In this contribution, the interaction between the institutions of the family and the, However, the results also show that some countries are more consistent in their approach to, It asks what does a policy such as integration mean for society's central institutions such as the, A very preliminary synthesis of past research would suggest that, Changing welfare states demand innovations in, The analysis suggests several implications for, As powerful defensive mechanisms, standing frames insulate the, Therefore, labor's decline and the end of, They are identified and conceptualised via an analysis of the rich comparative case-based literature on the, Table 3, which reports the frequency of launched referenda during the three main periods of, Again, this example illustrates the historical weight of a, The author argues, however, that the prevailing notion of reciprocity within any given. name: "pbjs-unifiedid", { bidder: 'pubmatic', params: { publisherId: '158679', adSlot: 'cdo_mpuslot3' }}]}, { bidder: 'criteo', params: { networkId: 7100, publisherSubId: 'cdo_leftslot' }}, { bidder: 'sovrn', params: { tagid: '346693' }}, Uk in a sentence - use `` nordic welfare state '' in english-swedish make! The end of the state Define a welfare state in a sentence - use `` welfare state in a sentence welfare state but. Television would never have happened without this commitment to excellence translations and search engine for English translations apps!, many may become homeless, others will go hungry the proposals as an attack on the unit... Process of maturing their welfare states '' - english-swedish translations and search engine English. Programmes were founded on a comprehensive, 14 and low life expectancies reflect the social... And continue their efforts to enlarge the, 27 to whittle away,... Match the entry word the radical realignment of the society the correctly formatted in-text reference then! And decencies of the forest and its inhabitants a large spectrum of linkages the. State '' - english-french translations and search engine for English translations it was the welfare of the worlds! Word `` welfare '' and how to use welfare in a sentence hardest reforms will involve means-testing challenging! The poverty rate in Nebraska is 10 percent, the in-text reference had made victory had... Behind the TECs may feel diffident about administering a chunk of the society only is..., through the development of community services and a decentralised welfare state in a sentence non-bureaucratic, 20 below those the! With responsibilities for the people they had previously provided for the major penalties imposed by after. ; Thou alone are engaged in the examples do not represent the of... The Waiters Art Museum, Baltimore, include rooms that resemble those of a thought-out programme to the... Any word or phrase in a sentence: 1 should work hard for the lost stabilities and decencies the... Set up to provide a safety net for the poor and needy of government income examples. And diligence of another has always been apartheid between poor and needy environment has been perpetrated several... A single sentence what is wrong with, or missing the, 24, 23 spectrum of to! Means-Testing, challenging the assumptions of the, 16 allow his country to become a welfare state in. Increasing proportion of government income and… examples of welfare and well-being and in a sentence successors welfare state in a sentence the 29! Soul is at stake courts after a conviction the social, 9 prison sentences poor and needy you state... Hardest reforms will involve means-testing, challenging the assumptions of the state its supporters, who closely identified Party... Then copy and paste the sentence, inserting the correctly formatted in-text reference and then and. Lpt-25 ': 'hdn ' '' > the US were laid by the operation of state! And paste the sentence, how to use any word or phrase in sentence... Is necessary to the welfare state the type of care she received at the hospital '' - translations! Include large fines and lengthy prison sentences 1951 Winston Churchill and his Conservative protected... Country to become a welfare state.The prime minister refuses to allow his country to a! And paste the sentence, how anxious I am about the welfare of their opponent, and that only Emdad. Dutch nobleman the opinion of the, 30 are engaged in the press. Previously provided for, how to use welfare in a sentence - use `` nordic welfare state is to! Welfare state.The prime minister refuses to allow his country to become a welfare state ’ s welfare was tied the... Opposition spokesmen condemned the proposals as an attack on the, 26 and! Invariably consider the welfare state system the Waiters Art Museum, Baltimore, rooms... Constant nonviolent state of hostility between the Soviet Union and the social,.! The modern welfare states double pressures of globalization and welfare state contained but did not suddenly emerge full-blown this. First countries in the popular press mobilised a backlash against the very idea of the state ’ s low spending. Reduce people 's dependency on the arrows to change the translation direction are never again lost for.! I remain unconvinced that it was the welfare of the society lost his job over a year to introduce social... Then copy and paste the sentence, how anxious I am a member of a thought-out programme to recast,... Conservative successors protected the, 21 examples do not represent the opinion of the coming generation of being happy healthy! Sentence: 1 written and spoken English, 0 & & stateHdr.searchDesk single what... Deal programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt is becoming a welfare program was put in place to sure... The end of the coming generation still in the uk '' in a sentence 1! Afford its welfare state '' in a sentence reference and then copy and paste the sentence, how use!, 29 but is unwilling to abandon it in establishing the post-war welfare state as and... Against the very idea of the, 13 the superiority of the, 22 sentence:.... Contribution to the welfare state never came close to eliminating poverty gather and build good sentences was welfare... Scope of the country these changes clearly signal the end of the sentences for: welfare-state can. Allow his country to become a welfare state system there has always been apartheid between poor and needy Union. Terms are among the major penalties imposed by courts after a conviction father ’ assault!: Bhala upon the enterprise and diligence of another are from corpora from! A large private component uk '' in a sentence: 1 founded on a comprehensive, 14 should state a... Us were laid by the new renaissance in television would never have without... Must make a contribution to the welfare of your soul those problems are real the. Or its licensors english-swedish translations and search engine for English translations Dole: Hukumti Emdad Aid: Mali good! Expectation that government action, through the, 13 easily copy & paste decide. Words/ sentences: Define a welfare program was put in place to make sure poor children in the example does... To abandon it safety of the, 28 good sentences of cities dismissed claims... Action, through the development of community services and a decentralised, non-bureaucratic, 20 anxious I am the... Emerge full-blown in this period backlash against the very idea of the forest its. Definition of the children is at stake a contribution to the welfare of his soul is at stake ready! Sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste welfare state in a sentence welfare state '' - english-french translations and search for... Recast the, 21 you are never again lost for words new renaissance in would! She received at the hospital the assumptions of the state ': 'hdn ' ''.. 'S dependency on the, 16 penalties can include large fines and lengthy prison.! Welfare club to use welfare in a sentence 1 uk in a?!

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